Lesya Westerman

Hello there! Lovely to meet you. 

I'm a lover of rare books, tattered photographs, and most things arcane. At the moment, I am a MLIS candidate at the University of Washington focusing on Archives and Special Collections. Post-graduation I hope to work with libraries and museums whose collections center on medieval manuscripts, incunabula, and/or historic photographs.  

Beyond that, I enjoy the simple things in life: perfecting my croquembouche, attempting figure skating, and reteaching myself Latin. I happily reside in San Francisco with my girlfriend, our three cats, and and ungodly number of houseplants. 

Research Interests

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

Pre-19th c. Grimoires

Voynich Manuscript 

Spirit Photography

Equitable Access in Rare Books Libraries

Decolonizing Archival Descriptions

Get in Touch

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Distance learning, babes!

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