A wooden container holding bones appears little more than a form of burial; another method of caring for the post-mortem self. Yet ossuaries maintain more than the calcium of loved ones lost. The Eastern Orthodox faith traditionally dictates on the third anniversary of burial, the remains are exhumed, bones cleaned with wine, and laid into an ossuary,  all to prepare the deceased for participation in the mystical beyond.

The Ossuary is a series of images intended to  visually ground the betwixt nature of these morbid boxes. Despite the ethereality of this non-tangible freedom, death presents us with fixed limitations, as reinforced with the walls of an ossuary. The circumstance is unnamable yet secured. It is this interval of instability that I believe not only intrigues, but frightens us, motivating me to explore the paranormal emotional balance an ossuary provokes.

Utilizing a stereoscopic viewer allows for the creation of a separate dimension; a non-physical suspended reality. The combination of three-dimensionality and the rigid boundary of viewing lenses mimics these ossuaries in their containment of an enigmatic idea. The glass lenses act as a portal into that idea, allowing a visual to become the connection to the in-between that calls us. 

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