Lesya Westerman is a photographer and book artist from San Francisco, where she lives, works, and makes. She earned her BFA in Photography at the Academy of Art University, where she also studied book arts and quickly became enamored with exploring the book's fullest potential as an object. The images and books she creates both explore the complexities of the human mind and emotions, frequently drawing on the enigmatic nature of death and the post-mortem. Her work is often experimental, incorporating alternative photographic processes and unconventional materials whenever possible. She also maintains a more personal series of film photographs that attempt to capture the visceral experience of live music festivals.

When she isn't scheming new projects, you're likely to find her with a book in one hand and a perfectly steeped cup of tea in the other, or digging through local record shops. 

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Saccades Project / 2013
F-Stop Magazine / 2013
Mull It Over / 2012
Voltaire Magazine / 2011

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