Lesya Westerman

Aspiring codicologist. Future book-reshelving poltergeist.

Technically speaking: MLIS candidate at University of Washington

About Me

From a young age I've haunted libraries and bookstores, always with a hope the next book I picked up would somehow absorb me into its pages. Though I didn't quite manage to find myself in Narnia or River Heights, my appetite for engaging with books never waned and I ventured into bookbinding and letterpress printing during university, eventually delving into studying rare and fine press books upon graduation. Currently, I am a MLIS candidate at University of Washington specializing in Archives & Special Collections, but I still take courses through a variety of institutions to build my skills and satisfy my voracious craving for knowledge. Interested in the details? See my résumé.

Research Topics

Medieval medical manuscripts

Pre-20th c. grimoires

Historical binding structures 

19th c. spirit photography

Using Format